Ex-Debenhams worker shares store secrets & some gross things happen in the changing rooms

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A FORMER Debenhams worker has spilled the beans on what goes on behind the scenes at the store – including some gross behaviour in the changing rooms. 

If you’ve ever tried on a new frock in the shop and thought it smells suspiciously like a fast food restaurant, ex-employee Anna has revealed why. 

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An ex-Debenhams employee has shared the secrets of the store – including what really goes on in the changing rooms[/caption]

The 25-year-old told the Daily Star she once found a customer eating a takeaway in the cubicle – which she then left behind. 

Anna, who worried in a branch in Yorkshire, explained when she was on shift one day a woman in her mid-twenties walked in, asking to try on a dress. 

She was described as ‘well dressed’ and was carrying lots of bags, from a number of stores.

The customer spent a while in the cubicle, and Anna initially thought the was juggling her shopping bags – until the stench of fish began wafting through the store. 

The trays were strewn across the floor including rice, noodles, sweet and sour and loads of prawn toast


Anna went to investigate, and to her horror realised the woman had been sitting down in the cubicle, which she said has “solid lockable doors”, and eating a Chinese takeaway. 

She said: “The trays were strewn across the floor including rice, noodles, sweet and sour and loads of prawn toast.”

The smell was so bad, the store was forced to close the changing rooms for the rest of the day. 

But that’s not the worst thing to happen, after a customer left behind some soiled underwear. 

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Anna claimed she once had to go to A&E after a customer shut her fingers in a door[/caption]

Anna explained a woman had taken a packet of fresh pants, then proceeded to shoplift them by wearing them out of the store – leaving their dirty knickers behind. 

Anna, who described the pants as “old and dirty” revealed: “We used a coat hanger to pick them up and dispose of them.”

On another occasion, Anna says she was yelled at by a customer after they asked for advice over a pair of jeans. 

The worker says a woman was wearing a pair of trousers which were clearly too small for her – as she couldn’t button them – but when Anna pointed out the bigger size might be better the customer flew into a rage. 

Anna said the woman accused her of “lying”, while her husband told her she could use a bobble to fasten the jeans. 

In the end the customer bought four pairs of jeans – none of which fit. 

Another changing room horror story saw Anna ending up in A&E, after a a woman shut her hand in a door. 

While acknowledging it wasn’t her fault, Anna said it “hurt a lot” and she screamed as her fingers got trapped.

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But rather than stopping to help, the customer opened the door to release Anna’s fingers, then carried on trying on clothes. 

Anna fainted from the pain saying: “The woman apparently continued to try on her clothes and when she game out promptly chucked them on top of me and left.”

Luckily she says her manager gave her the rest of the day off.

Fabulous Digital has reached out to Debenhams for a comment.

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