Family reunite with homeless man after his incredible makeover goes viral – 10 years after they thought he was dead

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A HOMELESS man stumbled into a barbers shop where he was given a total makeover, and the before-and-after pics even led to him being reunited with his family.

João Coelho Guimarães, 45, had been homeless for three years in Goiânia, Brazil when he entered the barbers to ask for a razor to trim his beard.


He entered with long, dishevelled hair and a beard in need of a trim[/caption]

He went into the barbers and clothes shop with long, unruly hair and a beard in serious need of a trim – and, thanks to the kind staff, walked out looking like a movie star.

Guimarães had often walked past the store, called Padoo, but this time he went inside, where the staff offered him food, which he declined, asking only for a razor.

The staff got to work on his hair and beard, and kitted him out with some new clothes, too.

Two hours later, he was totally unrecognisable.


João Coelho Guimarães looking groomed and handsome[/caption]

The owner of the barbershop, Alessandro Lobo, shared the pictures of Guimarães’ remarkable transformation on social media, to encourage others to be kind this Christmas season.

The man’s sister and mother – who thought he had been dead for over ten years – spotted the pictures online and got in touch with Lobo, before an emotional family reunion.

João broke down in tears when he saw his sister for the first time in a decade.

The transformation is just like something from popular Netflix series Queer Eye which sees men given a new hair style, wardrobe and a home makeover.


He was reunited with his sister and mother when the pics went viral[/caption]

Speaking to UOL, barbershop owner Lobo said, “He is a very shy person and of few words. But we noticed his look of satisfaction and he thanked us very much”, he added.

Lobo said, “João is still on the streets. His sister wanted to welcome him and take him home, but he didn’t want to. He said that on the streets, he feels free. That’s why he didn’t want to go home,” he said. 

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