Farage praises Boris for ‘finishing the job’ and hopes Brexit is ‘beginning of end for EU’

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However, the Brexit Party leader also admitted misgivings about the agreement, which he suggested would leave Britain much too closely aligned to the EU’s rules and regulations. Mr Farage, a stalwart campaigner for Brexit who was an MEP for 20 years, made his remarks while speaking to Talk Radio.

He said: “Winning a war is one thing, winning peace is another: I suspect we are going to find ourselves far too closely aligned to EU rules in the years to come”.

Mr Farage said he hoped this “is the beginning of the end of the European Union”.

And added: “Hey, is the deal better than where we were five years ago? Yes, it is.

“Is it good enough to allow us to become Singapore, the really dynamic booming economy? No.”

Speaking about the Prime Minister, of whom he has been frequently critical, Mr Farage said: “He and Michael Gove were the two senior politicians who, albeit late in the day, were the two senior politicians who when the referendum came, albeit late in the day but that’s not the point, had the guts to back Brexit and thank goodness they did.

“So yes, Boris will be seen as the man that finished the job, perhaps not perfectly.

“He has done what he said he would do on the big picture.

“I suspect on some of the detail, such as we will back in charge of our fisheries, he will be judged on some of those aspects more harshly.

“On the big stuff the war is over – it has gone off for decades in this country.

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