Female surfer tackles the world’s biggest waves totally NAKED in sizzling new video

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A FEMALE surfer has tackled the world’s biggest waves totally naked in a sizzling new video. 

Felicity Palmateer, launched the stunning new movie which shows the surfer braving waves in Hawaii, Fiji, and West Australia .

Fetch Films

Felicity Palmateer described the film project as “beautiful” and “challenging” [/caption]

Fetch Films

The big wave surfer travelled to Hawaii, Fiji, West Australia and New South Wales to shoot the intimate film[/caption]

Fetch Films

Ms Palmateer, from Perth, said the film was “incredibly empowering” [/caption]

The Perth-born surfer wanted to bring together her love of art and surfing in the bold venture. 

Ms Palmateer, 28, described shooting the film Skin Deep as “incredibly empowering”. 

She explained: “[The video] is at once intended to be provocative, while simultaneously challenging notions to do with beauty.” 

The brave surfer described the “challenging” process of making the film, which she first thought of doing three years ago. 

Ms Palmateer said: “What began as a rather simple yet scary and exciting idea, has transformed into something far more cathartic, beautiful and challenging than I dreamed.

“The process was incredibly empowering. By embracing femininity it helped immensely with my self-esteem and self acceptance.” 

The film shows the 28-year-old surfing some of the world’s biggest waves in the nude. 

For Ms Palmateer, the intimate four-minute film was a way of exploring her ideas of freedom. 

Fetch Films

The Perth-born surfer wanted to bring together her love of art and surfing[/caption]

Fetch Films

Ms Palmateer said she feels “most comfortable” surfing or creating[/caption]

Fetch Films

The biggest challenge for film-makers was to find the right locations[/caption]

Fetch Films

Ms Palmateer said “embracing femininity” helped her self-esteem [/caption]

Ms Palmateer said: “I use both surfing and art as forms of meditation, motivation and as escapism. 

“I feel most comfortable when I’m either in the water surfing, or creating.

“To be able to intertwine art and surfing in such an intimate way in a project like Skin Deep has been so satisfying.” 

But the biggest challenge for the film-makers was finding the right places to shoot the ambitious project. 

Film producer Johnathan ‘JJ’ Jenkins said choosing locations for the film was a tough logistical process.

Producer Johnathan ‘JJ’ Jenkins said: “Finding ideal locations and accounting for weather and waves was very tricky.” 

The close-knit team wanted somewhere that wasn’t heavily populated to shoot the intimate video. 

Mr Jenkins added: “Another big component of this production was secrecy. It was essential we sort trusted, professional operators.

“Not only to ensure Felicity could feel comfortable performing, but so that we could travel discreetly to particularly special areas and avoid people, other cameras and crowds.” 

To capture the panoramic shots, the crew used drones, Phantom and Red Epic cameras, using a soundtrack by Sydney electronic outfit Rufus Du Soul. 

Ms Palmateer also collaborated with famous photographers Rick Rifici, Chris White and Dwayne Fetch to bring her idea to life.

Fetch Films

Ms Palmateer first had the idea for the film three years ago[/caption]

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