France threatens to VETO Brexit trade deal unless Boris Johnson backs down on fishing

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Europe minister Clement Beaune said each European Union member state has the power to veto any agreement if they don’t agree with the terms signed by Michel Barnier. His warning comes after EU negotiators blocked talks at the 11th hour with fresh demands. Mr Beaune said: “This no deal risk exists, we mustn’t hide it because there are businesses, our fishermen, citizens who need to know and so we must prepare for a risk of no deal that’s to say on December 31 there will be no more free circulation, and free access to the UK market and vice-versa.

“But it’s not what we want and the negotiations are still going on with Michel Barnier who is in London at the moment and I still hope we can have a deal but I also say to our fishermen, to our producers, to our citizens that we won’t accept a bad deal.

“don’t want to talk in those terms because we have common interests at the European level and France is attached to the interests of its fishermen, is attached to the fair business conditions, and I think it’s also the case for our partners that if, if there were a deal that isn’t good which in our evaluation doesn’t correspond to those interests, we will oppose it.

“Yes each country has a veto, so it’s possible. France like all its partners has the means of a veto, we must make our own evaluation of course of this deal, that’s normal. We owe that to the French people, we owe it to our fishermen, and to other economic sectors.

“But I want to believe we will have a good deal, but to get a good deal you know it’s better to be frank, and to say our interests, we have been very clear, sometimes the Brits a little less so, about our interests, and again with the Prime minister and many members of the government we recalled at Boulogne and at Calais to our fishermen that we’ll defend our interests.”

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