From Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez, here’s whose bikini pics get the most likes on Instagram

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THIS lot don’t half like themselves – and so do millions of their fans.

We told yesterday how Kim Kardashian is trailing younger half-sister Kylie Jenner in the number of Instagram likes the US reality TV pair’s swimwear shots get.


Kim’s pic in this itsy-bitsy beige bikini got a whopping 7,830,386 likes[/caption]

Kim, 40, scored 2.4million for her latest, while Kylie, 23, clocked up eight million.

It is plenty more than you or I could aspire to for a poolside selfie from sunny Spain once Covid permits.

But Kim and Kylie are far from the only stars in swimwear making giant splashes – and guys are at it, too, in trunks or gym kit.

Less is often more in the bikini wars, but a moving caption or birthday celebration also score big.

Here, Thea Jacobs checks out the posts with the most in the Insta like stakes. . . 

Selena Gomez

SINGER Selena tops the swimwear Insta chart with 13,489,873 likes for this display of a thigh scar after lifesaving surgery.

Docs had to cut into her leg after an artery was damaged in her 2017 kidney transplant.


Selena Gomez got 13,489,873 likes for this display of a thigh scar after lifesaving surgery[/caption]

American Selena, now 28, captioned her pic: “Now, I feel confident in who I am and what I went through . . . I’m proud.”

Kim Kardashian

SHE may not have quite the Insta clout of half-sister Kylie – poor Kim has only the 192million followers – but this outing in an itsy-bitsy beige bikini to mark turning 40 clicked with 7,830,386 fans.

Hips, hooray!


However, Kim got only 2.4million likes for her photo in a tiny white bikini for her latest Instagram photo[/caption]

Kylie Jenner

MODEL and reality TV beauty Kylie is the No2-ranking girl in our chart rundown, beaten only by Selena Gomez, for this red-hot bikini shot liked by no fewer than 12,317,497 admirers.

Then again, given she has 201million Instagram followers, this smash hit snap comes as little surprise. Big sister Kim can but dream . . .

Kylie’s red-hot bikini shot was liked by no fewer than 12,317,497 admirers

Dua Lipa

DUA, the only Brit here, claimed she was a “shy” sort as she posed in a black bikini in the Caribbean.

Really? The singer, 25, went down a storm with 5,927,377 fans who rated her top of the bots.


Dua Lipa’s pic in a black bikini in the Caribbean went down a storm with 5,927,377 fans[/caption]

Nicki Minaj

OH, mama! The Trinidadian-American rapper scored big, big, big with this swell maternity shot.

Nicki, 37, got 11,273,509 Insta hits in July as she showed off her belly in a bikini embroidered with flowers.

Nicki Minaj got 11,273,509 Insta hits in July as she showed off her belly in a bikini embroidered with flowers


TASSEL do nicely for Colombian singer Shakira – or so thought the 5,567,631 who liked this shot.

Shakira, 43, also won them over by telling her 69million-strong Insta army she designed the two-piece herself.


Shakira’s shot in a purple bikini got 5,567,631 likes[/caption]

Cardi B

THIS was just tattoo much for the American rapper’s Insta fans – her floral booty art sending them all crazy as they hammered away at the like tab a mighty 7,494,561 times.

Cardi, 28, takes attention-seeking to a whole new level – teaming her cheeky inking with tropical-print heels, neon-green bikini and banging blue and green hair.


Cardi B’s pic in this neon-green bikini was liked 7,494,561 times[/caption]

How the hunks in trunks rate…

Christiano Ronaldo

FOOTIE star Cristiano, 35, boasts 243million Insta followers, the most of any fella, and 12,480,682 of them turned out to like this shot of the Portuguese.


Cristiano Ronaldo got 12,480,682 likes on this shot[/caption]

Lebron James

BASKETBALL beefcake Lebron, 35, slam-dunked 2,438,354 big-ups for this snap – and the US star scored with the Malcolm X civil rights book, too.


Lebron James racked up 2,438,354 likes on this topless pic[/caption]

Dwayne Johnson

AT 48, Dwayne is the old fogie on our list.

But the WWE ace still shapes up mighty fine – as does the US ace’s Insta tally of 4,776,629 likes for this gym shot.


The Rock got a whopping 4,776,629 likes for this gym shot[/caption]

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