Furious MAFS Australia fans slam Sam for ‘gaslighting’ Lizzie after he went missing at his ex’s mum’s funeral

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Furious Married At First Sight Australia fans slammed Sam for gaslighting Lizzie tonight after he disappeared to his ex-girlfriend’s mum’s funeral on their honeymoon.

Lizzie, 27, was forced to attend the first dinner party with the other couples on her own after Sam went missing and didn’t keep in contact.

Lizzie was furious after Sam went missing

The other couples rallied around her as she told them about Sam’s funeral trip, apart from Cyrelle, who insensitively claimed Sam had made the whole thing up.

However, there was a surprise when everyone sat down to dinner and Sam made a late arrival.

Pretending everything was normal, he acted shocked by Lizzie’s frosty attitude towards him.

When she said she’d left him voicemail messages, he lied to her face by claiming his mobile didn’t have that feature.

The hunk had been to his ex’s mum’s funeral

But Sam was rumbled when Lizzie played his phone’s greetings message, in which he used his full name, to the camera.

Fed up of his nonchalant attitude, Lizzie took him outside for a one on one showdown.

As she poured her heart out, a voiceover played of Sam mocking her.

He said: “She won’t stop talking. It’s a bloody nightmare. I’m looking at her going ‘please stop’.”

Lizzie caught Sam lying about his voicemail

The audio cut back to real time, and he said: “Honestly, I just want you to know I’m sorry.”

It went someway to repairing the damage, but things remain rocky with next week’s show teasing the pair will break up.

Viewers were livid with Sam for lying to Lizzie and making her feel guilty.

One wrote on Twitter: “Sam a classic gaslighting scumbag #MAFSAustralia.”

Another said: “am has gone on this show to prove he’s not a stereotype but all he has done is live up to the stereotype!”

A third fumed: “Sam is just horrible. Gaslighting Lizzie now at dinner after calling her fat at the wedding. The male version of Ines. #MAFSAustralia.”

The pair had a showdown over dinner
Lizzie arrived at the party alone

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