Fury over 'pathetic' sentence for thug who slammed baby's head and stabbed mum

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Aamer Araf, 33, was handed a reduced sentence after stabbing the mum with a kitchen knife and swinging her seven-month-old baby by his legs, banging his head on the walls. A court heard the yob used the baby to avoid arrest, but was later tasered in a bid to free the boy.  

The tot was taken to hospital in a critical condition with head injuries, while his mother suffered stab wounds to her face, hands and thigh, and a fractured hand, Birmingham Live reports.

On Friday, Araf was sentenced to 12 years in prison – but it was reduced to eight years for his early guilty plea and reduced culpability. He will also serve four years on licence upon his release.

Social media users blasted the leniency though, calling it a “joke” and “horrific”.

One person posted: “Where is the actual justice in this case? The law needs to change it needs to be tougher jail sentences and the law must be what the law states not jailed for 12 years then do eight due to early plea.

“He must face the 12 years no matter what. What has the victim actually got from what she suffered? Hardly anything. No justice anymore. It’s wrong.”

Another said: “Joke sentence. Poor mom and baby. Horrific. Justice system is a sham.”

A third comment reads: “Reduced to eight years. What a joke.”

Araf, a habitual cannabis user at the time of the attack, was arrested after neighbours in Tipton, West Midlands, were woken by the commotion on May 28 last year.

He appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday to admit a charge of grievous bodily harm, despite being initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The court was told the attacker, from Tipton, has been diagnosed as being a paranoid schizophrenic.

Speaking after sentencing, police said the mother remains scarred physially and mentally after the ordeal.

Det Con Deb Bullman, from the force’s Public Protection Unit, said: “This was a dreadful incident with mother and son suffering terrible injuries, but remarkably the little boy has made an astonishing recovery, although he will still need to be monitored as he grows, to determine if there are any lasting effects.

“His mother still has physical and mental scars for which she is receiving ongoing support.”

She added: “Domestic abuse remains a key priority for us. Sadly since the start of the pandemic last year we have seen an increase of 17 per cent in domestic-related incidents, but we have not reduced our response to victims.

“The force responds to more than 200 incidents per day and we remain committed to catching perpetrators.

“So we urge anyone who is not feeling safe in their own home to seek help. We have specially trained officers who work alongside support groups and charities to help survivors achieve the best outcome for them.”

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