Holiday nightmare: Britons not allowed to board plane to Ibiza after NHS app goes down

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Travellers at Stansted were denied entry to a Ryanair flight going to Ibiza earlier today as they weren’t able to show vaccination evidence.

The NHS app went down earlier today affecting hundreds of passengers who were about to board a plane.

The cause of the issue is still unknown but it is believed to be related to a mass outage that affected several companies, including AirBnb or British Airways.

This happened at around 5pm UK time, as many passengers were about to board planes.

Some of them were denied boarding the plane after they were unable to prove their vaccination status.

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The NHS app also allows travellers to download a PDF version of the vaccine passport, but when the app went down, it was too late for holidaymakers to do so.

This left many disappointed as they were about to jet off to their holiday destination.

It is believed this problem has affected hundreds of Britons in many airports across the UK today.

A flight attendant operating the affected Ryanair flight explained that on almost every flight several people are denied boarding because they lack part of the required documentation.

The Balearic Islands’ government has also reinstated its rule specifying face masks must be worn outside at all times.

It comes just one month after the regulation was initially scrapped.

Cases are now higher in Spain than during January’s “third wave”.

The number of active COVID-19 cases is at 7,308 according to local data.

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