Hollyoaks fans poke fun at Curtis Pritchard’s ‘wooden as Pinocchio’ acting debut – but others are delighted

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HOLLYOAKS fans were divided as Curtis Pritchard joined his brother on screen last night.

The former Love Island star who, like AJ, is a ballroom dancer by trade, joined the soap as Marco’s brother Jacob.

Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard arrived in Hollyoaks last night

It quickly emerged the pair were cooking up a scheme to bring down Trish Minniver, played by Denise Welch.

And while some said they were “in love” with the pair already – others reckoned their acting was a little on the wooden side.

One posted a picture of a block of wood writing: “Aw aj & curtis’ first scene was cute.”

Another tweeted: “AJ and Curtis must have been Pinocchio in a past life – because their acting are as wooden as a marionette!”

He plays his real-life brother’s screen sibling Jacob in the soap

Their first scene saw them plotting together in a playground, with AJ’s Marco pitching up late.

Curtis’ character Jacob told him: “I was begin inning to think you’d forgotten about me. What would mum say?”

Marco said: “Probably stop whinging.”

He replied: “True. How’s Trish?”

AJ’s character said: “Heartbroken. She thought she was going to get engaged – couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

Curtis replies: “Well, that’s made my day, that.”

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