Home security expert Rav Wilding recommends affordable gift to ‘stay safe’ this Christmas

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As Christmas draws closer, more Britons are waiting for parcels and gifts to be delivered to their doors. Although Britons are now spending more time at home thanks to the latest coronavirus restrictions, parcel pilfering is still rife across the UK. To stop people pinching parcels and to stay safe this Christmas, some Britons are installing security cameras or doorbells with built-in cameras.

Rav’s former professions include being a security guard for Harrods, a soldier and police officer.

The security expert then explained why he decided to give Sabrina the doorbell for Christmas.

Rav said: “I’m giving you the gift of security this Christmas with a festive video doorbell.

“Just fit it as normal, download the app to your phone and wherever you may be you can give the impression that you are in fact at home to whoever visits your property.

Gethin said he thought that was quite an expensive gift for Secret Santa.

Research from ADT Fire & Security found that parcel thefts are now rife across the country.

Worryingly, more than 12 million Britons have been victims of parcel pinching, with Londoners being almost twice as likely to experience parcel theft.

More than a quarter of Britons have said they are concerned for their safety when they open their front doors, with this figure rising further to almost half among Londoners.

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