Homeowners’ fury as estate is ‘overrun’ by ‘rats the size of CATS’

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RATS the size of cats have invaded a housing estate in Manchester, leaving residents terrified to open their doors.

The giant rodents have “overrun” the neighbourhood in Hattersley, Tameside with some desperate families claiming they are kept awake at night by the creatures.

MEN Media

The rats have left some residents scared to open their doors incase rats rush in[/caption]

MEN Media

Homeowners have been left to trap the animals themselves [/caption]

Mum-of-two Becci, who has lived in Hattersley for three years told Manchester Evening News: “You can hear them squealing and running about at night, it’s awful. We are all losing sleep over it.”

She claims to have contacted pest control three times in the years she has lived in her home, but every time the rodents return.

Scores of residents say they have pleaded with Tameside council to help them banish the rats, but they are directed to pest control experts – paying a hefty £80 each time.

“The whole estate is absolutely overrun by rats now.

“I am worried because they can chew through things like wires which is obviously a fire hazard. I have a dog as well so I worry about what he might catch from them,” Becci said.

The anxious mum said she is scared to open her back door now over fears rodents may scurry into her house.

She said she has called pest control and laid her own traps and poison, but nothing seems to be working.

Sentimental belongings in her loft have been completely destroyed by the rats.

Furious residents have taken to a community Facebook group to share their toe-curling experiences with the creatures.

You can hear them squealing and running about at night, it’s awful. We are all losing sleep over it.

Becci, resident

One woman said she counted eight rats in her garden. Another said she spotted several in the bushes in the Tesco car park.

Others say they have seen dead rats on the street when they are walking around.

Dylan Longmate, who runs the Facebook group, said he first noticed the rats at the start of lockdown in March.

He said: “You can be walking down the street and the next thing you see a rat running down the road. It is absolutely awful.

“But people can’t afford to keep paying £80 each time.”

A spokesperson for Tameside Council said: “We have received only two complaints on this issue but have been working hard to eradicate the problem on the estate, including carrying out a sewer baiting programme.

“We are putting together a full on the ground response following the concerns being raised and will do whatever it takes to resolve the problem

“We need the local community to work with us on tackling this by ensuring their waste is disposed of responsibly, to help eradicate the problem.

“We have teams out every day clearing and investigating fly tipping and taking enforcement action.

“Fly tipping is illegal and can be hazardous, as well as it being extremely expensive for the council, on limited resources, to clear waste dumped by others.”

MEN Media

The council has blamed the levels of fly tipping in the area[/caption]

MEN Media

Some have said they have seen dead rats on the street[/caption]


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