How to reduce dust mites in your home: Expert explains how to avoid making allergies worse

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One of their favourite spots are beds where anything from 100,000 to 10 million of them could be living.

After two years, ten percent of the weight of a pillow can be made up of dead dust mites and their droppings.

The reason the mites make some people sneeze is because when someone with allergies breathes in allergenic proteins, their body reacts like they have hay fever.

So what can you do to stop yourself getting allergies from dust mites?

Airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg, who is also a lifelong hay fever sufferer, issued his advice for reducing dust mite allergens at home.

“Everyone can tolerate a certain amount of dust allergen in their body without reaction,” he said.

“This amount varies from person to person.

“But reducing the amount of dust allergen around your home and the amount you breathe in will definitely help reduce the sneezing, sore, itchy, watery, red eyes and cold like symptoms such as a runny nose and sinus pain.”

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