Husband of Pop Idol star blasts masked burglar dead with 16 bullets to ‘defend his family’ from terrifying raid

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THIS is the moment the husband of a Pop Idol star blasts a masked burglar dead with 16 bullets to protect his family.

Fadi El-Hachem – the dentist husband of former-Arab Idol judge Nancy Ajram – shot Syrian Mohammed Hassan al-Moussa 16 times during the terrifying break-in in Lebanon.

Cairo Scene/Facebook

CCTV footage shows El-Hachem pursuing al-Moussa into another room[/caption]


Fadi El-Hachem is married is to former Arab Pop Idol judge Nancy Ajram[/caption]

Cairo Scene/Facebook

A masked al-Moussa is seen looking around a room inside the house[/caption]

El-Hachem has been charged with “intentional killing, but in legitimate self-defence” after the shooting in January.

The CCTV footage shows how when burglar al-Moussa notices someone coming around the corner he quickly pulls out a gun.

A man then tries to grab an item – which is understood to be a piece of furniture – to shield himself and then he tries to get away.

But the burglar then forces the man to stay by keeping the gun pointed at him.

Then three men – one of whom is understood to be El-Hachem – entering the room.

Al-Moussa keeps his gun pointed at the men as he scurries along a back wall.

El-Hachem goes after al-Moussa into another room and a bright flash of light is seen as he fires his gun.  

Al-Moussa’s family claim he was the family’s gardener and had gone to the house to ask for money he was owed.

El-Hachem shot the intruder at least 16 times during a struggle.

Al-Moussa’s gun was later determined to be fake.

El-Hachem is unlikely to face the 20-year maximum sentence because of self-defence.

Ms Ajram, 37, and al-Moussa’s family have gone on television to talk about what happened, The Times reported.

Ms Ajram – who claims her family did not know al-Moussa – hid in the bathroom when they realised there was a break-in.

She has three daughters aged 11, nine and one.

She insisted her husband shot al-Moussa to protect their children.

Ms Ajram said in an interview: “Before anything, Fadi is a father and a husband. He is a human being.”

Ms Ajram is the face of several brands in the Arab world after rising to prominence as a teen singer.


The break-in happened when the whole family was home including the couple’s three daughters -aged 11, nine, and one[/caption]


Ms Ajram is the face of many brands in the Arab wrold[/caption]

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