India vs China: US tell New Delhi to 'get off the fence' and to confront Beijing

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The former NSCS member suggested a broader alignment between US and Indian relations, proposing a “league of democracies”, while also examining where the two countries differ in how they challenge Beijing.

Countering American criticism that India remains diplomatic with Beijing, she said: “The reality is that relations are never cut off, especially during a crisis, as the US should know from the Cuban missile crisis.”

Dr Kartha conceded however “it might be useful to keep the US briefed about the intent and outcomes of these meetings on a case by case basis”, adding: “Sometimes, transparency can speed up movement of files, and prevent nasty comments in Congress.”

She concluded her article by calling for more coordination between India, the US and their Quad allies Australia and Japan, but said: ”Coordination is key for all concerned, including the US whose tendency to lecture others on issues that it has little or no understanding of, tends to push the boat in the opposite direction.

“That could be called ‘sitting on the fence’ too, one which would be mighty uncomfortable to accept.”

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