Inside Alastair Campbell’s 18-year long feud with Piers Morgan as he joins Good Morning Britain

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THEY are known for their forthright opinions and on-air bust-ups.

So it’s no wonder Piers Morgan and Alastair Campbell have butted heads more times than you could count over the years.


Alastair Campbell has a long history with Piers Morgan[/caption]

Their 18-year feud has been reignited this week as Piers’ old rival took his spot on Good Morning Britain.

Alastair made his debut this morning alongside Piers’ ex-TV wife Susanna and instantly divided viewers.

It’s not the first time Tony Blair’s ex-right hand man Alastair has followed in Piers’ footsteps.

In fact their careers have been intertwined for almost three decades, with Piers becoming editor of the News of the World in the same year Alastair started working for Tony Blair.


Piers Morgan has often clashed with the ex-Labour spin doctor[/caption]

Since then the journalist and Labour spin doctor have clashed many times – most notably over the Iraq war in 2003.

Their bitter rivalry was even set to turn physical last year for a Sports Relief boxing match – but Piers pulled out.

He said in March 2020: “I mulled it over, would it be a good or bad career move if I was to kill Alastair Campbell in a boxing ring?

“I took an honest human view. I decided to spare Alastair Campbell’s life.


They have playfully fought on TV – as well as had furious rows[/caption]

“He’s taken it badly, he’s gonna be there on Sports Relief day with a cardboard cut-out.”

Tony Blair’s ex-right hand manAlastair first suceeded Piers in a job when he took over his slot covering interviews for men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, GQ.

Now this week he’s guest presenting Good Morning Britain – months after Piers abruptly quit for refusing to apologise over his comments about Meghan Markle.

This week Piers warned Alastair not to follow the breakfast show’s advice when GMB tweeted: “We can’t wait for some fiery debates, don’t hold back!”


They were due to compete in a charity boxing match[/caption]

Writing in his MailOnline column, Piers said: “Given the manner of my departure, this seems extremely unwise advice…

“I’ve known Alastair for donkey’s years and, despite numerous bust-ups, always got on well with him.

“He’s also a properly trained and very experienced journalist, which I think every news show presenter should be. So, I wish him well.

“But forgive me for having a wry chuckle at the fact that I had to leave the show for declining to apologise for disbelieving Princess Pinocchio’s porky-pies, only to now be replaced by someone who has never apologised for spinning us into an illegal war that cost more than a million lives.”

Back in October 2019, Good Morning Britain descended into a ferocious slanging match between Piers and Alastair over the Iraq War and Brexit.

The pair publicly scrapped in front of a live audience in 2018

Host Piers told Remainer Alastair, who wants to keep Britain in the EU: “David Cameron made it absolutely clear – this would involve leaving the single market and customs union and there would be no second vote… this idea that somehow 17.5million people are so thick they didn’t hear it is so insulting.”

But Alastair hit back: “When have I ever said that? Nobody voted for this mess!”

The debate quickly descended into chaos, with him yelling: “Piers, just shut up for a second! For God’s sake Piers, stop your silly games!”

Good Morning Britain descended into a blazing row

Pusanna tried to break up the fight, telling them both to “stay calm”, to no avail.

“Both, stop shouting at each other like alpha males!” she fumed. “Both of you, be quiet!”

However, then the argument continued into the realms of the Iraq War, with Piers telling Alastair: “You never gave those people a vote! The Iraq War, which killed a million people…History is really important.”

The Remain campaigner stormed: “All that’s important to you is the sound of your own voice, ranting on!”


Alastair alongside Susanna Reid this morning[/caption]


Piers quit as Susanna’s co-host earlier this year[/caption]

Despite their fiery rows over the years, it’s been suggested they like each other more than they lead people to believe.

Alastair admitted: “I find it hard to dislike Piers on a personal level, even though I think he has done quite a lot of unlikeable things and has some very unlikeable views.”

He added about their squabbles: “It’s a way of getting your message out. I don’t think he takes it personally, and nor do I.

“A lot of people in journalism, they can give it but they can’t take it. Piers doesn’t mind taking it.”

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