'It's insane!' Liz Truss & Hartley-Brewer in fierce row over current UK Covid restrictions

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In a discussion over the Government’s ongoing Covid restrictions despite the high level of vaccinations, International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer descended into a furious argument over the “sanity” of the rules. Ms Hartley-Brewer branded the Government’s position as “insane” and demanded why despite one Covid death reported on Monday, rules are still in place. Ms Truss insisted the government did not want a “resurgence” of “dangerous variants” to arrive in the UK.

Ms Hartley-Brewer slammed Truss saying: “Do you not realise how insane it is that we have these restrictions on our life when yesterday one death was recorded from covid?”

Ms Truss replied: “Of course Julia it’s incredibly frustrating to have all these restrictions in place.”

But Ms Hartley-Brewer furiously interjected: “It’s insane! Do you not think it’s insane? One person. One person was recorded to have died yesterday in the UK and 67 million people have restrictions on their lives.”

She shot back: “That’s insane!”

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Ms Truss insisted: “I think people can appreciate that we don’t want to end up reimporting the (virus). There are lots of dangerous variants.

The broadcaster interjecteed again slamming how “there is yet to be a variant that the vaccine doesn’t work on.”

The International Trade Secretary added: “That is absolutely correct but we can’t be complacent, we need to keep developing the vaccines. We need to make sure we have the proper procedures in place and we do need to make sure that any opening up is irreversable because the worst possible scenario would have to be going back to more restrictions which none of us want.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer replied: “That would be a political choice!… You genuinely think it’s completely sane and reasonable for 67 million people to banned from hugging people outside their household.”

On Bank Holiday Monday there was one recorded death from Covid-19 in the UK.

There were a further 1,453 infections recorded.

49.8 million doses have been administered of a covid vaccine in the UK as of yesterday.

15.3M Britons have been fully vaccinated which is 23% of the UK population.

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