Jennifer Saunders vs Dawn French net worth: Who is richer?

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Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French rose to fame with their show that launched in 1978. It aired six seasons and proved very popular amongst fans. How much did they earn?

For the animated movie Shrek 2 in 2004, Jennifer provided the character voice of Princess Fiona’s evil Fairy Godmother and sang many of the soundtrack songs.

It reportedly took her four days to record and she proceeded to make around £300million in just three weeks in the US.

In her personal life, Jennifer married Ade Edmonson in 1985.

The couple have three daughters together and now have four grandchildren.

She has also starred in several films.

These include The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Coraline, and Animals United.

The comedian lives in a Cornwall mansion which reportedly cost her £3million.

Jennifer Saunders returns to the screens tonight with Jennifer Saunders’ Memory Lane television show.

The description of the show reads: “Jennifer slips behind the wheel of a classic red Jaguar E-Type, joined in the passenger seat by Hollywood actor Michael Sheen whom she quizzes about his life and times.

“Heading to Port Talbot where Michael grew up, they stop at key locations to prompt personal stories from his childhood right up to the present day.

“Drawing on evocative family photos and colourful local archive, Michael’s recollections are by turns funny, surprising and incredibly poignant.”

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