Kate Lawler warns off mummy-shamers as she defends having a glass of wine while breastfeeding baby Noa

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KATE Lawler warned off mummy-shamers as she defended treating herself to a glass of wine while she is still breastfeeding.

The 40-year-old star and fiance Martin welcomed baby daughter Noa in February.

Kate appeared to pre-empt backlash with this post

She has won praise for how open she has been while documenting her journey into motherhood on Instagram – and appeared to pre-empt some negative comments after one of her posts today.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the new mum pulled a face while posing with a small glass of white wine.

She captioned the selfie: “Pumped. Wine time. Just a teeny one before anyone tells me I’m about to turn Noa into a p*** head.”

Kate went on to add: “Still not got a new bra, still not showered.”


The star welcomed baby Noa in February[/caption]


She has won praise for her candid insights into motherhood[/caption]

Nursing mothers are able to have small amounts of alcohol and still safely breastfeed their children.

The NHS advises that mums have no more than two units of alcohol, twice-a-week – but drinking any more than that may affect your baby’s development.

Kate pumping her milk before having the drink was also the most sensible and safest choice, with medical advice stating that mums leave two to three hours per unit of alcohol before breastfeeding their baby.


It’s perfectly safe for nursing mums to have some alcohol in moderation[/caption]

She previously had to prove she isn’t overheating her daughter

The former Big Brother champ was previously forced to hit back last month – when mummy-shamers accused her of overheating baby Noa in her buggy.

Kate was slammed for covering her daughter’s pram with a blanket – but an out-of-shot mesh window provided the little one with plenty of ventilation.

Putting the critics in their place, the DJ shared a snap from a different angle that revealed the large netted air vent right by Noa’s head.


The star also hired a doula to help with sleepless nights[/caption]

She wrote: “One of the features of the @Cybe_Global E-Pram is this air vent at the back and it wasn’t hot outside.

“We took her out when it was warm and she only had one layer on.”

Kate previously spoke openly about her struggles with sleepless nights after becoming a mum, and later decided to splash out on a £140-a-night doula for part of the week to help her get some much-needed rest.

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Kate Lawler warns off mummy-shamers as she defends having a glass of wine while breastfeeding baby Noa

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