Katie Price poses without make-up before giving herself a glam Christmas makeover

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KATIE Price appeared on camera without make-up – before giving herself a festive makeover.

The 42-year-old reality star posted a YouTube video on Christmas Eve showing fans how to get a look like hers.


Katie Price started her tutorial without any make-up on at all[/caption]

She told fans: “This is a quick way of how I do my make-up. I’ve got no make-up on as you can see.

“I’ve got a spot there – it’s the time of the month – and a spot there.”

She then put cream on, followed by concealer, before brushing a mixture of two foundations – one called Caramel, the other Praline – over her face.

Kate warned viewers of her YouTube channel: “Remember I am 42 – if I cake on too much I look older.”


She pointed out spots on her face to fans – before getting to work[/caption]


The star showed followers some of the products she likes to use[/caption]


She put on concealer, foundation and a set of fake eyelashes[/caption]


Pricey also showed followers the lip gloss she uses to glam herself up[/caption]


She showed fans the results of the super-speedy mini makeover[/caption]

She then did her eyebrows with brown Pat McGrath pencils, saying: “I’m doing my make-up but with absolutely nowhere to go.”

The star then put on some ‘doll’ beauty lashes, gluing them on using the end of a brush.

Katie then put on Charlotte Tilbury mascara and added rust colour around her eyes, gloss on her lips and blusher.

Job done, she told fans: “You’ve seen the before, you’ve seen the after, and you’re all saying ‘how gorgeous’ – or you’re going: ‘How c**p’.

“But either way, that was me doing my make-up. There you go guys.”

Fans were impressed with one writing: “How quick you done this and it still looks way better than when some of the top beauty gurus spend ages doing theirs. 😲😍.”

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