Katie Price reveals 29 stone son Harvey has lost 4kg in a week after working out in home gym

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KATIE Price’s 29 stone son Harvey has lost 4kg in a week after working out in her home gym.

Katie, 42, has been encouraging her son to lose weight and installed a gym in boyfriend Carl Woods’ garage to give the teenager the space to work out.


Katie Price has revealed son Harvey has lost weight after pounding the treadmill at their home gym[/caption]

Harvey, 18, has the rare genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome, which can cause weight gain and behavioural problems, and is also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum.

Speaking about her recent efforts, Katie told OK! Magazine: “We’ve got some gym stuff for him and put it all in Carl’s garage.

“Prep Kitchen are also going to send meals to his school. We want to try anything to help him lose his weight. He’s lost 4kg this week, so at least he’s lost something.”

Katie said she had been forced to pay for Harvey’s gym after her ex Kris Boyson refused to return her treadmill.

Katie is determined to help her son reach his fitness goals

The mum-of-five believed the equipment belonged to her and claimed her ex-boyfriend failed to return it.

But, since their split, Kris repaired the treadmill by getting it a new belt and felt it now belonged to him.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Katie confirmed she had been unable to persuade Kris to give her the treadmill.

She said: “We have now got a gym as I had to get one for Harvey. So, fitness for us is the way forward… unless Carl gets me pregnant.”

When asked if she had bought the gym equipment again or if she had got it back from when it had “gone walkabout” amid her row with Kris, Katie replied: “No, the walkabout… it is still gone walkabout. Yeah, but there you go.”


Katie has been recovering from foot surgery and working out with boyfriend Carl Woods every day[/caption]


The couple are supporting Harvey [/caption]

Katie is determined to get Harvey fit, telling The Sun she feared coronavirus would “finish Harvey off”.

He needed hospital treatment earlier this year where he was tested for the deadly bug after falling ill at sister Princess’ 13th birthday at her Surrey home.

He experienced chest pains that felt like “pins and needles” and was later sent home after being diagnosed with a chest infection.

But Katie doctors then told Katie Harvey risked dying from a heart attack if he did not lose weight.

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