Kim Jong-un will give up ALL his nukes for the right price and really wants to be pals with America, say experts

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NORTH Korea could potentially give up all his nukes for the right price and wants a good relationship with the US, according to experts.

Two experts on far East diplomatic relations say the the country’s statements could be a negotiating tactic and Biden just needs to make the right offer.


Experts claim North Korea wants a “normal” relationship with the US[/caption]


They also think Kim Jong-un could give up his nukes for the right price[/caption]

It comes after North Korea was furious with Joe Biden’s branding the country as a security threat.

A senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official said the US could find itself in a “grave situation” after Joe Biden called nuclear programmes in North Korea and Iran a “serious threat to America’s security and world security” in Congress last week.

Former CIA East Asia director Joseph DeTrani, told an online conference: “I do believe North Korea is committed to complete, verifiable denuclearisation, assuming they get the security assurances they want and certainly they need because they’re concerned about regime change, and they realise nuclear weapons, indeed, are a deterrent.”

DeTrani, who is currently President of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, says North Korea wants a “normal” relationship with the United States, but on “their terms,” reports the Daily Star.

He adds that Kim Jong-un would need to hear Biden’s offer first in exchange for disarmament.

“They need to hear what’s required of them when we talk about comprehensive, verifiable denuclearisation, and they need to be hearing from us.

“But also we need to hear from them when they talk about security assurances, economic development assistance”.


DeTrani said North Korea wants a “normal relationship with the US on their terms”[/caption]


The 2018 agreement could be the base of a good relationship between the two countries[/caption]

DeTrani says the agreement signed in 2018 by Kim and then-president Trump could still be the base of a friendly relationship between the two countries.

He added: “I thought the Singapore joint statement was a very, very effective…very succinct but very effective… document that spoke of a transformation of our relationship, which is what North Korea wants, a process to normalise relations with the US.”

Veteran diplomat Christopher R. Hill agreed: “It’s not clear that North Korea is ready, but nor do I believe that we should accept their statement that, to the effect, they are not at all happy with this policy review,” he said.

“We should not accept that statement as the final statement from the North Koreans.”

“It’s going to be up to the North and the North Koreans to figure out that there is something in this for them and they ought to come to the table,” he added.

Mr Trump had met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a number of times during his presidency but no deal was ever reached.


North Korea reacted with fury after Biden branded the country as a security threat[/caption]

North Korea is reluctant to surrender the nuclear weapons it sees as necessary for its own protection without some form of sanctions relief.

The US had wanted steps towards denuclearisation before committing to the easing of sanctions.

Markus Garlauskas, a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council and former US national intelligence officer for North Korea, said: “The differences between the Kim regime and the United States are much more fundamental.”

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