‘Laughing’ Brit ISIS ‘recruiter’ moans he’s ‘been abandoned by UK’ and begs to come home after ‘co-founding caliphate’

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A “LAUGHING” Brit terrorist has moaned about being “abandoned by the UK” as he begs to come home after “co-founding” ISIS’s caliphate.

Aseel Muthana, 24, from Cardiff, Wales, is rotting in a Syrian jail after allegedly acting as a “recruiter” for the depraved death cult.

ISIS ‘recruiter’ Aseel Muthana is begging to come to the UK crying about his ‘human rights’

The Brit travelled to Syria in 2013 to join the country’s bloody civil war and was reportedly a founding member of ISIS’s sick caliphate.

But despite security sources branding him a “jihadi magnet” in his role as a recruiter, the fanatic insists he wants to come back to Britain for “rehabilitation.”

Yet, speaking to the Mirror, Muthana laughs while talking about the horrors carried out by the warped extremists including throwing homosexuals off roofs and “crucifying” alleged spies.

The brazen terrorist even blames his brother Nasser – killed in a drone strike in 2016 – for brainwashing and recruiting him.

Like most jailed western jihadis, he claims he never picked up a gun while being a member of ISIS – despite being detained following the group’s last stand in Bargouz in 2019.

Begging to come home, he said: “I feel abandoned by the UK. I have human rights. I should be rehabilitated.”

“I mean, okay, let’s say I was a criminal – you can’t just leave me.”


His brother Nasser Muthana, middle, alongside fellow Brit jihadis Reyaad Khan, left, and Ruhul Amin, right in an ISIS propaganda video[/caption]

This comes as British ISIS bride Shamima Begum is attempting to return to the UK through the Supreme Court.

Lawyers for Begum, now 21, say she must be allowed to return to fight a decision to strip her of UK citizenship.

Meanwhile, Muthana says he “stopped having an opinion” about the senseless murders carried out by ISIS because the bloodshed became “normal.”

He said he was disappointed that he kept “missing” executions of innocent people including homosexuals.

Speaking about people being thrown from rooftops, he said: “I have never seen that. I was always being told ‘you just missed this and you missed that’.

“I was like arrgh. I was like everyone’s watching it.”

The jihadi – who had a son with a British ISIS bride in Syria – also denies being a terror recruiter despite his Twitter account posting propaganda such as calling for enemies of the cult to be beheaded.

But he claims the social media account – in which he said he was “100 per cent” pro the Islamic State in 2014 – was controlled by his brother.

He insists his sibling – who appeared in an ISIS propaganda video and was high on the Pentagon’s “kill” list – would “take the blame” for him joining the death cult.

Muthana also told the newspaper that he saw his brother blown apart by a drone strike in Mosul, Iraq, and says “I understand” why he died because “he was posing a threat to the West and UK.”

Speaking to ITV last year, he said he had been lured into joining the murderous group because of its slick propaganda videos.

He said: “Back then when I first came to ISIS, you have to understand I came way before the caliphate was pronounced.

“Before all of these beheading videos, before all of the burnings happened, before any of that stuff.

“We came when ISIS propaganda and ISIS media was all about helping the poor, helping the Syrian people.”

Last year, his dad, Ahmed, told how he didn’t know if his sons were alive or dead.

He said: “They thought it they went there it would be a paradise but they found it is a hell. Living in hell – but by force.”

Shortly after they arrived in Syria Nasser featured in an ISIS recruitment video titled ‘There Is No Life Without Jihad’.

Ahmed said Nasser married a Bangladeshi woman who left England to join ISIS while Aseel married a Somali who travelled from Glasgow.

He said his sons had told him they were working as translators.

He added: “They said they regretted going there because they said they didn’t know they would be treated badly.”

ISIS bride Shamima is trying to return to the UK after joining the group in Syria
Shamima Begum wants to return to the UK to fight for her citizenship
PA:Press Association

She fled East London for Syria in 2015[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Begum fled to Syria in 2015 with fellow teens Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase[/caption]

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