Libra celebrities: Which famous people are Libras? Libra traits and dates

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Libras are concerned with justice, so it’s no surprise that they’re represented by the scales. This sign is a cardinal sign, and there is a cardinal sign in each element. Cardinal signs start the seasons of the year, making them motivated, restless, dynamic, and outgoing people who are often seen as leaders. Which famous people are Libras?

Libra dates

The dates for the star signs can change depending on whether it’s a leap year or not.

The reason for this is because the zodiac seasons aren’t based on dates, they are based on when the Sun enters that specific constellation in the sky.

If there was an extra day in the year, the Sun might reach Libra or any other sign a bit later.

In general though, Libra season is normally from September 23 to October 22 or 23.

Libra traits

Symbolised by the scales, Libras are very fair and diplomatic.

This sign wants peace and hates confrontation, so often can be quite flexible to reach a compromise with others.

They are intelligent, sociable and thoughtful, but can be a bit shallow and tend to struggle making decisions.

Libras are forward-thinking and idealistic, but this can lead to overthinking and self-pity.

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