Lockdown-free Sweden’s public health expert Anders Tegnell ‘sidelined’ by government as Covid cases & deaths grow

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COVID stricken Sweden has reportedly sidelined its virus expert after his policy of avoiding lockdown has failed to stop an explosion in cases and deaths.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell had championed the strategy of building up “herd immunity” in the population instead of locking down the country.


Swedish virus expert Anders Tegnell has opposed strict lockdowns[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Sweden is grappling with an explosion of Covid-19 cases[/caption]

But this has not worked with a total of 6,681 people dying from Covid-19.

Sweden registered 5,841 new cases and 67 deaths yesterday.  

The death rate in the Nordic country is vastly higher than neighbours Norway, Denmark and Finland, which opted for stricter lockdowns during the spring.

Despite the rising numbers and increasing criticism, Dr Tegnell, who is the lead virus expert in the country’s public health agency, said on November 13 Sweden remains steadfast in avoiding a lockdown.

But last week, the scientist was forced to admit that Sweden was fighting a second wave, something he previously downplayed this was happening. 


Stockholm’s Södertorn University’s associate politics professor, Nicholas Aylott, told The Telegraph: “There’s certainly a split, and I’m pretty sure that many in the government have rather lost faith in the Public Health Agency.

“By some counts, we’ve now got exactly the same level of spread of the virus that we had in the spring, and that’s about as clear a refutation of Tegnell’s strategy as you could wish for.” 

Meanwhile Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip, 41, and Princess Sofia have contracted Covid. 

Princess Sofia, 35, had been volunteering at a private hospital in Stockholm since the start of the pandemic.

She and her husband, 41, who is fourth in line to the throne, have flu-like symptoms. 

The couple met the king and queen yesterday at a family funeral attended by fewer than ten people who had all previously tested negative. 

Tests conducted on King Carl Gustaf, 74, and Queen Silvia, 76, were negative.

Meanwhile in the UK, which has had a strict lockdown, coronavirus cases drop by 20 per cent in a week as 15,871 new infections and 479 deaths are recorded in last 24 hours

But the lockdown has wreaked havoc in the economy. 

Police today arrested dozens of people at an anti-lockdown demonstration in London.

Anti-mask and anti-vaccine demonstrators, some with placards reading stop controlling us and no more lockdowns, marched along Oxford and Regent streets.

Police officers led several people away in handcuffs after protesters ignored requests to disperse. Several bottles and smoke bombs were thrown as some demonstrators scuffled with police.

The Metropolitan Police force said more than 60 people were arrested and the number was expected to rise.

Amir Nabizadeh/TT

Since October Sweden has introduced tighter measures such as imposing social distancing in restaurant[/caption]

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But the country has avoided a lockdown with many shops open for throngs of Christmas shoppers[/caption]

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