Logan Paul’s sparring partners reveal how good YouTuber is in the boxing ring as he prepares for Floyd Mayweather fight 

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LOGAN PAUL is preparing for mission impossible as he faces Floyd Mayweather in his next fight.

The YouTuber – who lost his boxing debut in 2019 – faces all-time great Mayweather in February 2021.

Logan Paul pictured after a sparring session

And despite the odds being stacked against him like never before, the 25-year-old is leaving no stone unturned in training.

He has put together a squad of sparring partners for his camp in Los Angeles, where he trains in the back yard of his ‘Maverick Mansion’.

Here SunSport takes an exclusive look inside Paul’s camp and speaks to sparring partners involved in the secret sessions.

Vlad Panin, 8-1 welterweight

Panin, 25, was recruited by Paul’s trainer Milton Lacroix after the coach watched the American prospect spar.

And they hired the welterweight to mimic Mayweather’s iconic shoulder roll and elusive footwork.

Panin, who has won four by knockout, warned Paul has come on leaps and bounds since his scrappy, split-decision loss to internet rival KSI.

He said: “I was definitely surprised, he’s improved since his last fight.

“From a distance he’s got a good feel, good instincts. He fights with a relaxed style, hands down, he throws his jab from different angles.

“I think it makes for an interesting fight.”

Welterweight prospect Vlad Panin with Paul

There is a farcical weight disparity between Paul and Mayweather, with the social media phenomenon having a FOUR STONE weight and six inch height advantage.

And it could force the usually-cautious Mayweather, 43, to fight out of his comfort zone and become the aggressor.

Panin explained: “When you’re at a length disadvantage obviously you need to close the gap and come forward and that’s what Floyd’s going to have to do.

“And that’s not Floyd’s natural tendency. He’s not aggressive unless he has to be so it makes for an interesting fight because it’s not 12 rounds so it’s going to be at a quicker pace.

“Floyd’s going to have to come forward and close the gap.”

Panin mimicking Mayweather’s iconic shoulder roll

Angel Lozano, cruiserweight amateur

Lozano was also scouted after a sparring session of his own, but has been brought in to offer a different look.

As a bigger and heavier fighter, he is providing the power to make sure Paul can take the heat when the going gets tough – something he passed with flying colours.

Lozano revealed: “I can still move well for a big guy, and I can mimic the Floyd shoulder role on him.

“Everything is behind the jab with power so I think that’s what they like about me. He stays pretty composed, he doesn’t panic.”

Lozano warned to discredit the ever-improving Paul at your peril – something he experienced first hand.

Cruiserweight amateur Angel Lozano with Paul

He said: “A lot of people do underestimate him.

“I did at first, because he doesn’t have a boxing background, so I kind of went in there like ‘he doesn’t know what he’s doing’.

“But he surprised me, he’s pretty sharp and he has some good fundamentals and some good power, for sure.

“He has good reflexes and he can move for a big guy, that’s one of his biggest things, his movement is not bad for how big he is.

“He has some good pop for sure. Every time we spar he shows improvement.”

Boxing legend Zab Judah pictured with Lozano and Paul

Daniel Hernandez, coach

Hernandez is Lozano’s coach and has cast an eye over the all-important sparring sessions.

And he has been left impressed with Paul’s jab, the most vital punch in boxing.

Hernandez explained: “I love it when he’s behind his jab.

“When he starts pumping the jab and landing the jab he gets real confident and starts letting it be more natural rather than that scrappy, novice, wild style.

“He’s trying to soak in all the knowledge. And he’s kind of modest about taking on one of the best fighters in the world.

“He knows it’s an uphill battle. It would be hard for anyone but he’s dealing with it really well. The sparring is tough.”

Daniel Hernandez, right, pictured with Paul’s trainer Milton Lacroix, middle

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