Macron sparks fury as he heaps praise on Maradona for defeating 'Thatcher's England'

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Diego Maradona passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60. Tributes to the Argentina football legend have flooded in over the last 24 hours, however, the French President’s statement has sparked angry backlash amongst some members of the public. 

One of Diego Maradona’s most famous moments in football was the ‘hand of god’ goal he scored against England to knock them out of the 1968 World Cup.

Mr Macron said during part of his statement referencing Diego Maradona: “This resurrection took place in 1986, in the most geopolitical match in football history, a World Cup quarter-final against Margaret Thatcher’s England.

“On June 22, 1986, in Mexico City, he scored his first goal with God as a teammate. The miracle is disputed, but the referee didn’t see a thing: Maradona’s sense of showmanship made him irrelevant.”

One Twitter user said regarding President Macron’s comments: “Stupid Macron comments about Maradona and 1986. My feelings about Thatcher are not printable but was he praising the brutal junta or lauding cheating?”

Another tweeted: “You can go off people, Monsieur Macron. France president Emmanuel Macron praises Maradona with dig at Margaret Thatcher.”

A third said: “Don’t you just love the French President? Praising a known CHEAT whilst making a snide remark about Margaret Thatcher.”

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