Marjorie Taylor Greene interview with Tucker Carlson: Rep says Democratic colleagues have ‘straight-up hatred’ for her

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REPUBLICAN representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is set to appear on Fox Nation with Tucker Carlson on May 5, 2021.

Carlson invited Greene onto his show and claimed that he had an “interesting conversation” with the controversial politician.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s interview with Tucker Carlson will air at 4 pm EST on Fox Nation.

In the promo clip for the interview, Carlson says that the pair speak for an hour and asks audiences to “make up your own mind” about Greene.

In a short sneak peak from the interview, Carlson asks Greene how her Democratic colleagues respond when they see her in Congress.

“Oh, they see me,” she muses. “They always have these looks on their faces which is usually very amusing to me.”

“What kind of looks?” Carlson responds.

“It’s anything from ‘oh, there she is,’ to straight-up hatred, stare down hatred. Some of them can’t even look me in the eye because I think they’re intimidated by me,” she declares.

Carlson deemed the interview “fascinating” at the end of the promo clip.

Greene has slammed stimulus check payments saying the “real goal” of the federal aid to make Americans “permanently dependent” on the government.

The congresswoman took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the relief payments and said the government must “stop paying people not to work in our country.”

Greene shared an image of what appears to be a notice left on the window of a restaurant, titled “Please Be Patient.”

While unclear where the notice was posted and when, it reads: “We appreciate our employees who show up to work.

“All restaurants are understaffed, at this time, due to a lack of interest in submitting an application for employment.

“We are simply unable to compete with all the various government benefits that are available and being received.”

Speaking to the note, Greene wrote: “We must stop paying people not to work in our country.

“The real goal of extended shutdowns by the Dems is to make people permanently dependent on government.”

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