Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton: Is royal rift getting WORSE as mums ignore each other?


Rumours of a rift between the Sussexes and Cambridges have been circulating for some time. At a polo match yesterday, Meghan and Kate appeared to ignore each other. Now one body language expert has claimed Meghan “deliberately” avoided Kate because she is “highly protective” of two-month-old Archie. Both Kate and Meghan were watching the polo match from the sidelines, with Meghan holding Archie close and Kate crouching with one-year-old Prince Louis.

Meghan wore a long flowing khaki-coloured dress and held her young son who wore a white baby grow and at one point was draped in a white and yellow blanket.

Body language expert Judi James told Fabulous Digital: “What we’re looking at appears to be two mothers wrapped up and lost in their own worlds.”

Kate in a red patterned dress seemed preoccupied with her children, at one point having to take a polo stick away from Prince George.

Ms James acknowledged Meghan may have been worried about disturbing her sleeping son, however, she added: “This could be a deliberate effort to avoid one another.”

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Commenting on the visible distance between them, Judi said: “What we’re looking at appears to be two mothers wrapped up and lost in their own worlds.”

Prince Louis was seen to be playing with his mother’s sunglasses which brought the two women together at one point, however, Ms James said: “We don’t see any shots of Kate getting up to coo over the baby, which you’d expect.

“Kate stays down, Meghan stays up and neither seems willing to meet in the middle.

“Instead, Meghan seems to stand alone and wary with a high protective grasp on her little boy – as if to say it’s me and Archie against the world.”

After the match, Ms James said: “Little Archie steals the limelight and Harry couldn’t look more delighted and besotted, grinning down at his son while Meghan holds him up proudly.

“They look so much like a contained unit of three here, despite the fact it was Harry’s day to be centre stage when he was out on his horse playing polo.”

This comes as a source told Fabulous Digital that “controlling” Meghan had been “auditioning nannies” at Frogmore Cottage and is “refusing to hand over care of Archie.”

The insider said: “Meghan is very reluctant to relinquish any control to a professional pair of nannying hands.

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They added that “it’s like an auditioning process”, and it’s been “humiliating for the poor nannies”.

Another source said: “Often there are different needs at different stages of the baby’s life. The first nanny was a night nurse.

“But Harry and Meghan do not want to rush this or take any risks getting this decision right.

“It’s deeply personal and can depend on the needs of the baby and parents.”


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