Moment furious tradesman tears down building work with hammer in rage after ‘not being paid’

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THIS is the moment a furious tradesman smashes up houses he’s working on after apparently not being paid.

Footage shows the man taking a hammer to the side of the building while his colleagues try to calm him down.

TikTok / fattdann

The furious man taking a hammer to the house being built[/caption]

TikTok / fattdann

He also tears off chunks of the outside wall with his hands[/caption]

In the Tik Tok video a man can be heard saying ‘Tony, calm down, come here mate, what’s happening’ while another walks up to him on the scaffolding as he continues ripping chunks out of the building.

He tells the man on scaffolding trying to calm him down “I’ll sue you” as the other man keeps saying “just relax”.

After ripping a large section of the outside wall off, he then moves onto the next along building and begins setting about the front of that too.

An increasingly frantic voice can be heard saying “Tone just leave it!” as he gets to work with his hammer.

The man who has been trying to calm him down then says “get the f****** police will ya”.

TikTok / fattdann

One of his colleagues tries to persuade him to stop [/caption]

TikTok / fattdann

As after he stops the extent of the damage can be seen [/caption]

A voice off camera can he heard saying: “Didn’t get paid!” as the aggrieved tradesman tears a large chunk of the wall off with his hands, before he eventually climbs off the scaffolding.

The camera shows piles of debris on the ground that he tore off.

It’s unclear where or when the incident took place.

The men in the video are wearing hi visibility vests with the name One Sterling on the back and a building company with that name is based in Essex.

They have been approached for comment.

Last year Daniel Neagu yelled “whoop whoop” as he filmed himself trashing five new homes worth £4million in a row over unpaid wages.

The 31-year-old was jailed for four years after he smashed into the homes with music blaring from his digger as a resident egged him on.

Dramatic footage of the 40-minute rampage, which was filmed on a GoPro camera and iPhone, shows him repeatedly ram into the retirement bungalows causing £1million worth of damage.

He shouted out “F***ing s**t company” while whistling the tune to Freed From Desire and ranting in Romanian.

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