Moment huge 13-foot alligator snatches and eats duck in front of hunters in Florida

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THE moment an enormous 13-foot alligator snatches and eats a duck in front of hunters has been captured on video in Florida.

In the haunting clip, the gigantic reptile is seen lazing in the middle of a lake in Leesburg, Central Florida, while feasting on unsuspecting ducks.

In the haunting clip, the gigantic reptile is seen opening its jaws to crunch down on a duck in a lake in Leesburg, Central Florida
The alligator appears camouflaged as it glides through the water while the ducks entirely unfazed

Hunters Cass Couey and Kevin Stipe uploaded the 30-second video to Facebook, alongside the caption: “It’s not just fishing, Florida duck hunting has a taxman too! Monster alligator eats duck while hunting.”

The ducks seem unfazed by the dinosaur-sized alligator looking for its next meal.

“Here we go, number two of the day,” one of the men can be heard commenting in the video.

The gator leisurely swims up to the ducks and continues to take its fill.

“Ok, you’re fed now. Get out of here,” one of the hunters tell the wetland predator.

Kevin Stipe and Cass Couey encountered the beast while out hunting ducks on Friday.

According to Stipe, the alligator was about 13-feet long and kept taking the ducks before they were able to retrieve them from the water.

“It was just another day in the swamp for us,” Couey said. “But I’m glad people are loving it!”

The 30-second clip now has over half a million views on Facebook with thousands of comments noting the gator’s size.

“The dinosaurs are making a comeback,” one person said.

“And I thought we used to see some big ones in the Apopka Wildlife Drive!” another wrote.

“Thats the biggest alligator I’ve ever seen,” one man exclaimed.

While one terrified woman wrote, “This is why I’m never going to Florida”.

The gator is seen leisurely swimming up to the ducks to take its fill
According to the hunters, the alligator was an enormous 13-feet long

Earlier this month, a Florida fisherman speared and killed a monster 13ft alligator which he said was “stalking” him for three years.

Corey Capps said the deadly 1,000-pound giant prowled the river in his hometown of Blountstown.

He finally harpooned the animal and measured the alligator’s head to be 16 inches wide and more than 13ft long.

Meanwhile, on South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, a woman who allegedly tried to touch an alligator was dragged underwater in a fatal attack.

Cynthia Covert, 58, died in the attack in May, according to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

The attack took place at a pond in a gated community when Covert reportedly tried to touch the dangerous reptile.

Somehow Covert ended up waist-deep in the water after getting out of the alligator’s way.

Before the attack, a witness told police that Covert arrived at her home “with a glass of wine” and reportedly acting unlike herself.

And in October, a man swimming swimming in a Mexican lagoon was chased by a crocodile before pulling he was pulled underwater and killed.

The incident took place at Laguna del Carpintero in the municipality of Tampico, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas on October 17.

The unnamed man, believed to be in his 50s or 60, reportedly ignored a sign warning people not to swim in the area.

A clip filmed by an onlooker shows the crocodile approaching the man as he tries to swim towards the shore.

All of a sudden, the three-metre long reptile attacks the man and brings him underwater.

The crocodile makes a single splash of its tail before vanishing beneath the surface with its victim.

The hunters spied the gator from their position beneath the reeds

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