Mouth ulcers: When the sore in your mouth could be a sign of cancer

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Romama Kuchai, consultant ENT surgeon for Bupa UK said: “If you’re suffering from a mouth ulcer, the most likely cause is an injury to the inside of your mouth – for example, biting the inside of your cheek, rough fillings, a sharp tooth or a cut from eating hard food or drinking a hot drink.

“f you’re one of the unlucky individuals who suffers from these uncomfortable sores on a regular basis, there may also be an underlying factor.

“It is not always clear what causes regular mouth ulcers, but stress, anxiety and eating certain foods – such as chocolate, spicy foods and peanuts – can trigger them to return.

“Hormonal changes and stress can also be triggers. Your genes may also play a part, as frequent mouth ulcers can run in families.”

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