Mum cringes after eight-year-old tells his teacher she’s ‘a drunk’ in Christmas homework mishap

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KIDS are known to stretch the truth a little and draw from their imagination to conjure up their own version of events – that’s a fact.

And one mum was shocked to discover her eight-year-old son’s very cheeky answer to a school work question after he told his teacher that she was “always drunk”.


The eight-year-old wrote “Mum is drunk” on the letter “M”[/caption]

The Christmas-themed activity had the word “snowman” written in block letters down the page.

The children were then asked to use each letter of the word snowman as the start of a sentence.

While some included festive references to “wonderful winter” and “nice elfs”, the M in snowman is where Kelly Martin first laid eyes on the mishap.

On the letter “M”, her eight-year-old wrote: “Mum is drunk”

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Kelly Martin was amused by her son’s homework and shared it online for other parents to see[/caption]

Cringing at the sight of it, Kelly shared the homework blunder online, but not without hilariously clearing up the fact that she is “not always drunk”.

Amused by the homework, which appears to be from last year, she wrote: “M is for ………Absolute classic from last year from my then 8 year old! Written at school. Just to confirm I am not always drunk.”

The very relatable post racked up over 1.7k Facebook likes from parents who know all too well what it’s like to have kids share some less than ideal information about their home life.

Unsurprisingly, parents found the mishap extremely funny, with one bloke saying: “What a legend.”

Just to confirm I am not always drunk.

Kelly Martin

A second wrote: “That’s hilarious, love it !!! kids.”

Many dubbed it “brilliant” and “hilarious” and said it’s something their own kids would do.

Meanwhile, one mum shared: “Children! My son once wrote a poem in school about me having hairy spiky legs and drinking gin! I was mortified! Luckily the teacher found it comical! I don’t even drink gin!”

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And another school student spots glaring error in homework question and gives absolutely savage answer.

Meanwhile, mum is in hysterics after son has VERY rude answer to Christmas art homework.

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