Mum gives drab old bathroom a modern new new look for just £52 thanks to bargain buys from B&Q and Poundland

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A WOMAN on a budget who couldn’t make huge changes to her rented accommodation has transformed her drab bathroom for just £52 with affordable buys from Wilko and Poundland.

Mum-of-one Tansin Cosser knew she wanted to spruce up her bathroom when she moved into her new rental home in Bournemouth, but didn’t have much money to work with.

A mum gave her drab old bathroom a modern new new look for just £52[/caption]

So she created a geometric feature wall, a stick-on new floor and added some finishing homely touches to revamp the space.

Speaking to, Tansin said: “I recently moved into a private rental with my one-year-old daughter.

“I couldn’t make any permanent changes, however, the tiled bathroom floor was cold and hard and my little one is accident-prone so I was looking around for ideas to make it a bit more baby-friendly and attractive.”

So she started by heading to B&Q to buy a new budget-friendly floor.

Tansin Cosser wasn’t impressed with the bathroom’s beige floor and drab walls[/caption]

She continued: “I discovered some self-adhesive wood-look vinyl floor planks in B&Q for around £13 for a pack of 20.

“I bought three packets for £39 and started winging it when it came to laying them.

“I found it a bit tricky to cut the floor planks to fit around the awkward areas such as the toilet, sink and door. I used kitchen scissors to cut it, which made my life really hard and my hands really sore.

The mum-of-one admitted she found fitting the floor “tricky” to fit[/caption]

“It would probably have been a lot quicker without having a baby scurrying around my ankles trying to grab everything.”

To set the floor in place, Tansin used a glue sealant spray, which cost £12 from Amazon.

“It stops the planks from lifting if water gets underneath, yet they will still be easy enough to lift up when I leave without damaging the original floor,” she explained.

The geometric wall cost just a few pounds to complete and gives the room a lovely modern feel[/caption]

Not impressed by the drab walls, the savvy DIY fan decided to brighten up the space with an eye-catching geometric feature wall.

“I wanted something different yet simple that was easy to return to its original state should I ever need to,” she admitted.

“I already had a pot of Wilkinson’s own brand grey paint leftover from some work I did in my old house. All I needed was some masking tape, which I bought for £1 from Poundland.”

To achieve the stunning geometric wall, Tansin created triangle shapes out of masking tape on the wall.

She then filled in sections with grey paint, leaving it to dry before peeling off the tape to leave deliberate gaps.

She continued: “I already had the accessories from my previous house and I will probably hang a shelf and add some more artificial plants in the New Year.

Tansin said the bathroom is a ‘vast improvement’ after giving it a chic modern makeover[/caption]

“In total, the makeover cost £52 and took just three hours,” she says. “It’s by no means my dream bathroom, but it’s a vast improvement from when I moved in two weeks ago.

“If it was my own place I would have loved to have started from scratch by choosing my own bathroom suite, but for now I’m happy with it.

“The easiest part was taping the wall, which took just 15 minutes. The hardest was cutting in the flooring.”

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