Mum slammed for her extensive bathroom cleaning routine – people say ‘product overload’ could destroy plumbing

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EVERYONE loves a spotless bathroom – but this mum has received criticism online for her super intense bathroom cleaning routine.

The mum and Tiktok user showed off how she gets her bathroom to smell gorgeous for company coming over, but commenters say she risks ruining her plumbing with ‘product overload’. 

@littlesuburbanfarmhouse on tiktok

Amanda starts her clean routine with shaving foam[/caption]

In the viral clip, Mum Amanda walks her followers through her cleaning process step-by-step.

She says this is what she does when her bathroom smells like “boy pee” because her boys have “terrible aim”. 

She begins with an unusual product for cleaning.

“Shaving cream helps get rid of that odour, especially in the grout”, she says.

@littlesuburbanfarmhouse on tiktok

The mum puts fabric softener in her toilet cistern[/caption]

She goes on: “Pour some cleaner into the toilet bowl scrubber and then put it back in the corner of the bathroom.

“A few drops of essential oils on cotton balls and stick those back in the toilet paper roll.

“Tape a car air freshener to the inside of the trash can and put that bad boy back.”

However, commenters began to see a real issue with the video when Amanda advised putting fabric softener in the toilet cistern. 

“Add a little detergent or fabric softener to the back of the toilet.”

The video has racked up seven million views, and many viewers were concerned about Amanda’s use of products – particularly because they think it could ruin her plumbing.


@littlesuburbanfarmhouse on tiktok

The mum’s cleaning routine has been criticised by commenters[/caption]

@littlesuburbanfarmhouse on tiktok

She adds a car air freshener to her bin[/caption]

@littlesuburbanfarmhouse on tiktok

And soaks cotton balls in essential oils for extra scent[/caption]

A second said: “My grandpa was a plumber before he died. He stressed if it wasn’t made for a toilet (or even just plumbing) DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR TOILET!!!”

Others said the different smells would be overwhelming.

“Your guests will leave with raging headaches from scent overload”, said one, while a second wrote: “I have a headache just thinking about all the smells that would come at me.”

Some, however, came to Amanda’s defence.

“I personally think these tips are great”, wrote one supportive commenter, and another added: “I love these tips! Sorry about the comments.”

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