Mum who feeds her family of four for just £17 per week from Tesco shares her exact shopping list

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A MUM has revealed how to feed a family-of-four for just £17 a week while shopping at Tescos.

As families tighten their belts due to coronavirus, or put away money for Christmas, one mum has shared her shopping list for parents who need to save on the food shop. 

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A savvy mum has revealed exactly how to whip up tasty meals when you’re on a budget [/caption]

She worked out the price of a month of breakfasts, lunches and dinners which comes to just £68.50 – which works out to £17.12 a week. 

For breakfast her family can look forward to cereal and porridge, while lunch is beans on toast, a sausage omelette, tuna pasta salad or a ham sandwich.

While her hearty dinners feature shepherds pie, homemade pizza, chicken stew, and sausage casserole. 

Sharing her recipes to Facebook group Feed Your Family on a budget, she said: “So I’ve done this meal plan, for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 weeks or comes to just £68.50.”

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The mum worked out a month’s worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for four people[/caption]

If your family is a big fan of dessert, or you have a little extra to spend, she also worked out a few variations, including a few sweet treats. 

She added: “I’ve also then worked out that If you were to make 16 fruit and jelly cups, 12 banana and custard desserts, a blueberry and apple crumble (12 portions), peach cobbler dessert (12 portions), old school tray bake (18 portions), chocolate tray bake (18 portions).

“Plus then ice-cream and sprinkles for 3 days, you could add desserts for the month for £11.11 making the total £79.61. 

facebook/Feed Your Family on a budget

She shared her Tesco shopping list, revealing the monthly total was just £68.50[/caption]

“You could add 2x melon, 2 packs of grapes, 2 packs of apples, 2x boxes of ‘imperfect strawberries’.

“Plus make a batch of home made cookies for an additional £7.28 making the total £86.69 for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, dessert and snacks.

“This is 77p per head, per day, with 3 meals, dessert and fruit and biscuit snacks.

Hundreds of mums have liked her post as they thanked for taking the time to share her meal plan

“This is based on Tesco prices, and average portions for 2 adults and 2 children.”

And she also had a tip for people who enjoy big dinners, adding: “If you like big portions, add extra frozen veg to bulk out meals maybe.”

Her post has racked up hundreds of likes, as fellow parents thanked her for sharing her recipes. 

One mum said: “Thank you for taking the time to do this and sharing it on here. That will be so helpful to a lot of struggling families.”

Another wrote: “I’m gonna save this to give me some ideas thanks.” 

A third commented: “I’ve saved your post for ideas.”

This mum raved: “You are AMAZING!! You’re helping a lot of people.”

While this person added: “This is amazing, would have taken you some time and energy and it is totally selfless…

“This is the kind of “gift” people will be very glad of especially this year! Thank you.”

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