Nancy Grace reveals Covid recovery and says her mom, 89, is OUT of the hospital after whole family tested positive

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JOURNALIST and political commentator Nancy Grace said her 89-year-old mother is out of the hospital after she and her entire family tested positive for the coronavirus.

The seasoned journalist spoke about the “Christmas Miracle,” saying her mother was lucky to leave the hospital just in time for the holidays and her family recovers from the coronavirus.

Nancy Grace and her family have recovered from Covid-19 just in time for the holidays
Her mother Elizabeth was released after spending two weeks in the hospital

“This truly is a Christmas miracle! My mother turned 89 in the Covid ward and just got home for Christmas!” Grace told the Daily Mail. “Thank you for your prayers. They have been answered and I will be forever grateful.”

Along with Grace and her mother Elizabeth, her husband David Linch and their 13-year-old twins John David and Lucy Elizabeth all tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago.

However, Grace was in good spirits when asked about her and her family’s recovery.

“I’d like to thank all of the wonderful staff at the Northside Hospital in Atlanta who took such wonderful care of mother and nursed her back to health,” she said of the hospital where she was taken care of for the past two weeks.

Grace, her husband and their two kids also tested positive for the coronavirus
Grace urged everyone to take Covid-19 seriously to mask up

The hospital is especially poignant for other reasons.

“Northside Hospital is a special place for our family as it’s where my twins were born, and now it will be known as the place that saved my mother,” she said.

The legal commentator had plenty to say of the coronavirus.

“Covid is no joke, we thought we had we had done everything right,” Grace said. “Please keep wearing masks, social distancing and stay safe – no family should go through this.”

Grace said her mother had been living with her and her family for the past four years in Atlanta, but was quickly rushed to the hospital after coughing, losing her appetite and showing signs of lethargy.

The same day, Grace and her family all tested positive for the coronavirus and began quarantining.

While her mother was improving in the hospital, Grace began battling cough and flu-like symptoms. Luckily, her twins only experienced mild headaches and soreness. Her husband had severe headaches.

Both Grace and her son John David lost their sense of smell.

“We’re praying for my mom that she returns home as soon as she can,” Grace said before her mother was released. “We’d like to thank the tremendous doctors and nurses who are taking such wonderful care of her.”

“David, the twins and I, will continue to isolate at home while we recover and we look forward to Mom coming home as soon as we are all better,” she continued.

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