Neville and Carragher both pick Liverpool to win title this season but Man Utd icon thinks Chelsea WON’T reach top four

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GARY NEVILLE and Jamie Carragher have both picked Liverpool to win the Premier League again this season.

But Neville has made a shock prediction by claiming Chelsea will miss out on the top four.


Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher both think Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool will finish top [/caption]

Speaking on Monday Night Football, the Sky Sports pundits made their predictions for 2021 and it made for good viewing for Liverpool fans.

Neville was in in doubt Liverpool will defend the title and agreed with Carragher over the champions.

Neville said: “I said they were going to at the start of the season, and there’s nothing I see [to change opinion].

“That moment around Villa and Van Dijk getting injured I thought, ‘this could be interesting’, but they’ve settled down.

“They’ll have bumps – they didn’t have bumps last year, they were unbelievable – they’ll have bumps this year just because of the league and the way it is but I think they’ll definitely get there.”

Both Carragher and Neville were in agreement that Manchester United and Manchester City would finish inside the top four.

But there were differing opinions over the final top four spot with Carragher giving the nod to Chelsea and Neville predicting Tottenham.

Neville said: “You’re allowed to change your mind, aren’t you? To be honest with you I said Chelsea I thought could finish in the top four.

“That last one – I think Manchester City and Manchester United will definitely finish in the top three and I think it’ll be Chelsea or Tottenham, and it’s a flip of the coin to be honest with you.”

Neville and Carragher selected their team of the year and it featured six players from champions Liverpool.

Neville and Carragher’s team of the year

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