New $600 Covid stimulus checks mocked on Twitter and compared to Fyre Festival disaster

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TWITTER users deemed the new $600 stimulus checks that could soon go out to Americans as insufficient, comparing them to disasters like Fyre Fest. 

A $900billion coronavirus economic relief package agreed upon by lawmakers on Sunday includes $600 direct payments to individuals who earned up to $75,000 in 2019, with the amount phasing out up to people who made $99,000.


A Twitter user compared the $600 stimulus check to a sliver of pizza[/caption]


The $600 payments are half the amount of the first round of stimulus checks in the spring[/caption]

The payments are half the amount of the first round of stimulus checks through the CARES Act in the spring, which provided up to $1,200 per individual. 

Among memes that circulated the Internet mocking the reduced amount was a photo of food served at Fyre Festival, a fraudulent music festival for the rich that was an infamous bust in 2017.

The photo showed a to-go container with two slices of wheat bread, two slices of cheese, salad with tomatoes and nothing else. 


A meme compared the $600 stimulus check to an infamous meal at the fraudulent Fyre Festival music festival[/caption]


A Twitter user implied that the $600 payment was insufficient[/caption]

A Twitter user captioned the incomplete and unappetizing meal: “US government pandemic stimulus checks.” 

Another Twitter user shared a photo of a small sliver of pizza on a paper plate and wrote, “The $600 stimulus check.”

A woman also compared the check to a less than satisfying amount of pizza. 


A Twitter user mocked the $600 stimulus checks as ‘1/5 of a slice of pizza’[/caption]


A Twitter user compared the $600 stimulus check to a glass slipper that does not fit[/caption]

“A $600 stimulus check feels like those class pizza parties that we wanted forever in grade school and when it finally came we got 1/5 of a slice of pizza and a tiny cup full of sprite,” she tweeted. 

Multimedia journalist David Leavitt on Thursday, three days before lawmakers agreed on the relief bill, shared a photo of a miniature chocolate cake and a hand holding a slice at the fingertips for scale.

“The $600 stimulus check,” Leavitt wrote, and on Monday quote tweeted the post and commented, “#LetThemEatCake.”


A journalist compared the $600 stimulus check to a tiny slice of cake[/caption]


A Twitter user compared the $600 payment to someone high-fiving instead of helping a drowning person[/caption]

Another Twitter user shared images of a hand reaching out from the water, as if a person was drowning. 

In one of the frames, another hand is pictured extending out, then giving the drowning person a high-five instead of saving the individual from drowning. 

The caption read: “$600 #StimulusCheck after 9 months.” 


A Twitter user conveyed that the next stimulus check would only come to Americans if they sell bars of chocolate[/caption]


Comedian Samantha Ruddy conveyed the small amount of the $600 stimulus check[/caption]

Lawmakers finalized the $900billion bill after more than seven months of bickering, and it must still pass in the House and Senate and be signed into law by President Donald Trump. 

Some social media users conveyed the downward trajectory of the payments from the government. 

“For the next stimulus check, you need to sell a certain amount of these chocolates to get it,” a Twitter user wrote to describe a photo of a case of candy bars for sale. 

Others relayed just how insufficient $600 is to cover all their bills and expenses. 

“Me trying to pay for rent, electric, internet, food, gas, etc with my $600 stimulus check,” a Twitter user wrote and included an image of a glass slipper that does not fit. 

Comedian Samantha Ruddy tweeted: “Which half of your rent are you going to spend your stimulus check on?”

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