‘No vision’ Keir has been ‘underwhelming’ and faces bleak results warns ex-Corbyn adviser

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People across the UK headed to polling stations on the so-called ‘super Thursday’ – a day of elections that will have profound implications for the future of the UK and the Labour party. Andrew Fisher, an ex-adviser of the former Labour leader Mr Corbyn, said he thinks “it’s very unclear what Labour’s message is”.

Speaking on Thursday evening’s BBC Newsnight, he explained that the party needs a vision and needs to set an agenda for the country.

Mr Fisher added: “Labour has had an opportunity to do that and it hasn’t taken it. It’s been very underwhelming.

“I think people know that in London, where you’ve got Sadiq Khan, in Greater Manchester where you’ve got Andy Burnham, what Labour stands for.”

He highlighted how for a big chunk of the UK, many are questioning what Sir Keir’s vision is for the country.

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One of Labour’s key blows could be in Hartlepool’s by-election which will indicate what progress the party has made in regaining its former so called ‘Red Wall seats’.

Sir Keir said he would take the responsibility of Thursday’s by-election whether positive or negative.

On his campaign trail this, Sir Keir said: “When things go right, the leader takes the plaudits; when they don’t go right, the leader carries the can and takes responsibility.

“That’s what I will do with these elections, as I will do in everything that the Labour party does.

“I’m conscious, the whole party is conscious, that this is but a step on the road to the next general election.”

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