Peter Andre praises ‘brave’ son Junior, 15, as he gets the HPV vaccine

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PETER Andre has praised his ‘brave’ son Junior, 15, as he got the HPV vaccine.

The singer has a close bond with his eldest son, and was by his side when Junior went for his jab on the latest edition of the family’s YouTube series, The Andres.

Peter Andre has praised his son Junior for being brave while getting his HPV vaccine

On the journey to the appointment, a nervous Junior revealed he had hoped Peter’s wife Emily would have been with them too, considering she is a doctor.

He said: “I hate injections, I hate needles,” before adding how injections make him pale and feel dizzy.

Teasing the video on his Instagram, Peter wrote: “In our latest video watch Junior brave the ever so important HPV vaccine… well done son.”

Junior had the second of three injections for the the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) which helps protect against cervical, mouth and throat cancers as well as anal and genital area cancers.

Junior admitted he was nervous about the injection
YouTube/The Sun

Peter took his son to his appointment, and said how important the vaccine was for teenagers [/caption]

Junior will have his third and final injection in two months time.

Peter introduced the nurse administering the injection in the video, saying: “I’m here with the lovely Julie who’s going to administer the injection to Junior for the HPV virus which of course is really important for teenagers – that’s why we want to show it.

“It’s not always fun to get the injection but Julie’s a master so well be fine.”

Junior visibly winced as the needle went into his arm, but when dad Peter asked if he was ok, he said “yes”.


Father and son have a close bond [/caption]

Despite saying he had a dead arm once he was back in the car, Junior told viewers he was fine and encouraged his peers to have the vaccine as well if they were able to.

As well as Junior, Peter has daughter Princess, 13, from his marriage to Katie Price, as well as daughter Amelia, six, and son Theo, four, from his marriage to Emily.

The Andres is available to watch on YouTube.

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