Piers Morgan reveals Sir Anthony Hopkins ghosted him after saying he could ‘come over any time’

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PIERS Morgan has revealed Sir Anthony Hopkins ghosted him and changed his phone number after saying he could “come over any time”.

The former GMB host, 56, interviewed the 83-year-old Welsh actor on his CNN show in 2011.


Piers Morgan has revealed Sir Anthony Hopkins ghosted him[/caption]

And Piers said the hour-long encounter was the “most memorable interview I’ve had with any actor”, in his Daily Mail column.

“I don’t have any friends who are actors,” Anthony admitted during the chat.

“I like actors, but I don’t want to be friends with them.”

He explained he only had one famous friend, the former American Idol judge Randy Jackson.


Piers interviewed the actor on CNN in 2011[/caption]

“Well, we had one dinner together,” he said.

“But I think he got sick of trying to contact me because I kept changing my phone number.

“I’m very paranoid. People say, ‘Are you on the run from someone?’”

Piers spotted his moment to ask Anthony: “Can I be your second one?”

“Yes!” Anthony said.


Sir Anthony snubbed Piers’ offer of friendship[/caption]

Piers explained: “After we finished, he scribbled down his phone number and handed it to me, saying: ‘Come over any time.’

“But when I tried calling it a few months later, he’d already changed it again.”

Piers’ revelation came after Sir Anthony won the Oscar for Best Actor 29 years after he first won it for The Silence Of The Lambs.

Earlier this month Piers slammed this year’s Oscars – describing it as a “joyless woke nightmare” in a furious rant.


Piers hit out at the ‘unwatchable’ Oscars last month[/caption]

He wasted no time in attacking the ceremony which went ahead without a host or audience, branding it the “most unwatchable Academy Awards in history”.

In his scathing column for the MailOnline, he surmised: “The tragic truth is that the Oscars as we know it died last night – woked to death by a craven collective desire from those involved to preach not entertain, to lecture rather than make us laugh, and to virtue-signal instead of perform.

“Just when we all needed cheering up, and craved a dash of desperately needed escapism, the entertainment capital of the world tipped a gigantic barrel of misery-fluid out of screens to make us all feel just a little bit sadder.”

In the article Piers picked apart every detail that was wrong with the ceremony – starting off with the fact there was no host. 

He claimed that making audiences laugh, like Ricky Gervais did at the 2020 Golden Globes “is now a crime in liberal-fascist woke-ravaged America punishable by cancellation from all future awards shows”.

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