Piers Morgan slams gun advocate for training kids, 10, to ‘run into gunfire’ and rugby tackle school shooters


PIERS Morgan has ripped into a gun advocate for training kids as young as ten to “run towards” gunfire and tackle school shooters.

Joe Deedon told the GMB hosts how he teaches schoolchildren and staff to respond to an active shooter.

Piers Morgan ripped into a gun advocate on GMB today

The ex-cop said he instructs kids on different “options”, including hiding, escaping and also fighting back against a deranged gunman.

Shocking footage from the training programme shows children being taught to pile on top of a masked man with a prop weapon.

But Morgan and GMB co-host Susanna Reid ripped into the instructor.

Piers blasted: “Your plan is that the best way for kids to defend themselves against a mass shooter with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that can fire 100 bullets a minute is to run towards him and throw him to the floor?

“And you really think that’s ever going to work?”

And Susanna added: “Mr Deedon I cannot understand how it doesn’t frighten the life out of a ten-year-old child to think that they are sitting in class and they have to have on their mind the possibility that someone might come into their school armed to the teeth in order to kill them and they might have to take that individual down.”

Shocking footage shows kids being trained to tackle a school shooter
Children as young as ten are taught to pile on top of a gunman

The pair asked why it wouldn’t be better to ban guns altogether and slammed him for personally owning a “Rambo arsenal” of 20 firearms.

But Deedon hit back: “I don’t make the laws here but what I can do is I can provide training to our community to make them safer.”

Referring to two notorious school massacres, he added: “You understand the only option we’ve given these kids since Colombine is to hide in a corner? That didn’t work out well at Parkland!

“The option that we give the kids is not only to hide but to help their staff member if they choose to fight back and also to evacuate.

“What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to evolve and not just give them one option.”

America has seen 316 mass shootings in 2019 alone, with 525 children aged 11 or under killed or injured, according to Gun Violence Archive.

Schools are a favourite target of gunmen with massacres over the years like Sandy Hook and Parkland gaining the most notoriety for twisted killers bent on achieving infamy.

Just weeks ago it emerged authorities in some states were training teachers to treat gunshot wounds in grim anticipation of the next slaughter.

And one school in Michigan launched a £39million project to redesign the building to provide more cover to students fleeing a gunman.

Joe Deedon said he was just trying to ‘give kids options’ in the event of a school shooting
Training footage shows a ‘gunman’ entering a classroom with a firearm raised
Two trainees then jump him and try to wrestle away his gun


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