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PMQs LIVE: Jeremy Corbyn faces Boris Johnson for the final time in Commons showdown


Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will take part in his last Prime Minister’s Questions as Leader of the Opposition on Wednesday at midday. Mr Corbyn will likely quiz the Prime Minister over coronavirus, as the deadly virus continues to sweep across the country. Today’s Prime Minister’s Questions will be a bumper hour-long session, giving MPs the chance to question Mr Johnson extensively before Parliament breaks up for recess.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister put the whole country on effective lockdown to try to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Britons were told they were only allowed to leave their homes under a strict set of circumstances.

These include:

– Shopping for basic necessities like food and medicine, but should be done “as infrequently as possible”.

– One form of exercise a day, such as a run, walk or cycle. This can be done alone or with members of your household.

– Any medical need or to give care or help to a vulnerable person.

– Travelling to and from work, but only if this is “absolutely necessary” and cannot be done from home.

Mr Johnson will likely be quizzed over confusion about whether Britons can still go to work under the restrictions placed by the government.

The Government has said if Brits cannot work from home they can still travel to work – but must abide by “social distancing” measures – difficult in some sectors

Also, concerns have been raised for those who are self-employed in the UK, and how they will be able to financially support themselves if they are not able to work.

Mr Johnson has already faced some criticism for UK coronavirus restrictions being enforced too late – as the country followed European countries like Italy, Spain, France and Germany with an effective lockdown on Monday evening.



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