Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Pointless Celebrities: ‘They’re ridiculous!' Richard Osman berates contestants over scores


Pointless Celebrities was back for another special edition of teatime favourite quiz show. In tonight’s episode, a host of radio presenters made up the line-up, as stars such as Ken Bruce, Sarah Jane Crawford and Gemma Cairney joined Alexander and Richard on the show. However, after a string of impressive guesses in the first round, Richard Osman labeled the contestants answers as “ridiculous.”

As the radio personalities took the their podiums, they got off to a flying start, as there were an impressive four pointless answers in round one. 

In the first round of today’s quiz show, the contestants had to provide answers for the category of: “Countries that come alphabetically between Australia and New Zealand.”

However, one couple who were less lucky were Absolute Radio host Dave Berry and Hits Radio presenter Sarah Jane Crawford.

As Alexander asked him to reveal his answer, he confessed: “Already I’ve gone blank, I’m just going to go for the fine folk of Finland.” 

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Although his answer was not particularly high scoring, giving him 21 points, it was way above that of the other contestant’s answers, meaning Sarah was left without a chance to put the pair through.

Dave begged the other contestants to “say France” as an obvious answer, to try and give the pair a chance at making it through to the next round, without success. 

The host of pointless answers in round one didn’t go without comment from the show’s hosts. 

Richard said to his co-host: “Gosh, look at these scores, they’re ridiculous!” 

Sarah gave an impressive answer, as she answered Botswana, which gave her only four points, however it was already too late, and the pair had to bid farewell to the competition.

As the show continued, Radio 2 host Ken Bruce, and Radio 4 presenter Paddy O’Connell made it through to the final round. 

However, the pair failed to win the jackpot, in a round that focused on hits related to the colours red and blue, as well as albums by The Beatles.

Although they got close, they didn’t manage to get the all important pointless answer, with fans finding it amusing that Ken Bruce failed to get a pointless answer.  

One shared: “#PointlessCelebrities Ken Bruce failing on a music question has made my weekend.”

Another tweeted: “Can’t believe Ken Bruce didn’t go for songs on the Beatles Red & Blue albums in the last round, you could have bet your mortgage on him knowing at least one song on them.” 

Viewers will see Pointless return for another celebrity special next weekend, with famous faces from the world of Food and Drink.

Next weeks line up will include stars such as Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt and Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown.

Pointless Celebrities airs next Saturday at 5.50pm on BBC One.

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