Pregnant mum-of-8 shows what it REALLY takes to feed her family for Xmas buying 1.3kg of cranberries & 40lbs of potatoes

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A PREGNANT mum-of-eight has shared the massive food haul she bought for her family as they geared up to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Jamerrill Stewart, from the US, regularly shares her meal prep and bulk freezer recipes online – as well as her monster shopping trips. 

Youtube/Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table

Jamerrill Stewart is a mum of eight with another one on the way, and she shares her busy family life online[/caption]

This time she shared the mountains of food she grabbed to feed her children over the festive period, which included a whopping 40lbs of potatoes. 

In a YouTube clip, she said: “I’m going to be doing mashed potatoes in the slow cooker, and so doing mash potatoes tonight.

“Mashed potatoes are just coming up so much in the coming weeks with Thanksgiving and families coming in.”

And despite having a huge pile, she admitted: “40lbs, I don’t know, I might end up needing some more.”

Youtube/Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table

The mum-to-be showed off her massive festive food haul online as she geared up for Christmas [/caption]

But it’s not just traditional trimmings Jamerrill is preparing, as she said: “That time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be Christmas seafood casserole.”

For that she bought a 20lb bag of rice, as well as some boxes of Uncle Bens, as she spent $514.34  on food at Walmart. 

The mum is also planning on doing a lot of prep ahead of time, saying: “I’m going to be doing make-ahead homemade stuffing that’s also freezer friendly, so I got four loaves of French bread.

“And of course you can make homemade French bread, but you can also buy it for $1.”


Jamerrill bought 40lbs of potatoes, but admitted it probably wouldn’t be enough[/caption]

In total she’s planning on preparing, then freezing, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cheese and broccoli casserole, gravy, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, Christmas day chicken and a seafood casserole.

For her recipes she grabbed 6lbs of green beans and 1.3kg of cranberries, revealing she was going to make sauce in the slow cooker. 

Jamerrill revealed: “I’m doing homemade cranberry sauce, in the slow cooker. And again this is also freezer friendly.

The mum spent more than $500 on essentials for the holiday season

“So you can make it ahead of time and then have it ready to go in the freezer for the holidays.”

And she stocked up her pantry too, grabbing at least 50 tins of ‘tomato products’, admitting: “I go through a lot”.

She got six giant tubs of peanut butter and 12 jars of jam, revealing: “We always go through a lot of peanut butter and jelly, so I like to stay ahead of those.”

The mum-to-be also got six bags of flour, one giant bag of sugar and four family sized jars of minced garlic, saying she “uses a tonne in her cooking” 

Youtube/Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table

She also grabbed 24 cartons of broth and 1.3kg of cranberries [/caption]

As well as the mains the mum also planned out a range of desserts to make, revealing she was baking cookies with her kids. 

She bought M&Ms, three bags of family size Reese’s Pieces and four family size packs of Oreos. 

“The kids and I were actually going to this evening make cookies just for fun.

“We’re also doing this evening the M&s make-ahead cookies, and these Oreos are for those Oreo cookie balls. We’ll probably eat some too, so that will be a whole lot of fun,” she said. 


The mum planned on making food ahead of time including casseroles, cookies and stuffing [/caption]

And her children are also making some pies, as Jamerill snapped up 12 pie crusts. 

She said: “The kids’ pumpkins that they got, the various pumpkin patches and such, later next week I’ll have the kids bake those up. We will make a pumpkin puree out of it, we’lll make homemade pumpkin pies out of their harvest pumpkins.”

While they’re planning on having a turkey for Thanksgiving and a chicken for Christmas, Jamerill said she also likes to stock up on some extra festive meat. 

She ordered four 3lb turkey breasts, saying: “We have turkeys that we raised, we also want to cook up some of that turkey but I thought we could also do some slow-cooker turkey breast.” 

Youtube/Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table

The mum uses her slow cooker to whip up recipes and often freezes food for later [/caption]

The mum explained they were “convenient” to “throw in” the slow cooker. 

And while she devises big family meals and plans ahead, she admitted: “A lot of time it’s a hodge podge. 

“My family eats it. On the nights when we don’t have something that I’m working on, or developing, or filming, we have a tonne of freezer meals. This is my life.” 

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