Prince Harry's ‘moment of glory and support’ after Oprah and 'frosty' UK return – expert

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The Duke of Sussex has made a return to the public life at the celebrity-packed Vax Live gig in Los Angeles. Harry enjoyed being welcomed by a roaring audience and was able to “ride the ovation like a pro”.

‘The Body Language’ author Judi James told the Mirror: “Harry’s ego must have inflated fit to pop as he stood in front of his name in lights to soak up this standing ovation at the A-list Vax Live.

“Although the stretch marks around the bridge of his nose suggest he was busy suppressing a beaming smile of more naked delight, his reddened cheeks do still actually look like they’ve had a quick trip to the compressed air pump at the local service station.

“Overall, he just about wins the fight to produce a self-effacing expression that stays on the Hugh Grant side of smug or arrogant and which looks cutely shy enough to rev up the cheers and shrieks from the audience.”

Ms James emphasised the importance this new wave of support had for the Duke following backlash over his and Meghan Markle’s explosive claims made during their interview with Ms Winfrey.

The expert added: “Harry must have needed this moment of glory and support after the controversy of the Oprah interview and his frosty trip back home to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

“After the crowd-contact deprivation of lock-down the wave of support must have hit him full force and with no wife by his side it must have occurred to him that the fan euphoria was for brand Harry in his own right.

“Harry rides the ovation like a pro, pausing with a look of modest helplessness and performing some nice self-effacing touches to his head and his microphone.”

During his latest appearance at the charity concert in aid of the international Covid vaccination effort, the Duke praised the world’s frontline medical workers.

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