Prince William 'BINNED off' royal meeting showing ‘young lad’ side in Peter Crouch podcast

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On the podcast, William enjoyed pints of beer and a curry delivered to Kensington Palace with Mr Crouch and Mr Stark, which the DJ said helped him relax.

He added: “I was really aware that we were there to kind of talk about his campaign, but then we were all a couple of pints into this conversation and then I found we were having a genuine chat with him.

“You could see him drop having to think too much around the party line or whatever it was he was trying to focus on and just talk. It was so nice to see.

“I’m not encouraging everyone to go and get p***** to have these types of conversations… but seriously, being a couple of pints in with Prince William, you realise there are similarities to what he was experiencing and what I’ve felt and what other people feel.

“I don’t want to say pressure, but you could see that he’s got a lot going on, and it was really interesting to see him relax and just have a laugh with us.”

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