Princess Anne growing 'closer' with Prince Charles despite 'contrasting personalities'

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“The emotions etched on their faces suggest two very contrasting personalities,” she said.

“As Charles has grown older his features often adopt a kindly, smiling expression with narrowed, wrinkled eyes and lips upturned at the corners. His constantly steepled brows throw a touch of anxiety or concern into the mix though, as well as hinting at some self-pity.

“His self-comfort rituals have been a feature for most of his adult life, like the use of pockets and checking gestures, like the cuff-fiddle.

“Anne’s features tend to involve raised, arched brows and widened eyes and a smile that is either suppressed or tilted down at the corners. Her pose tends to be upright and assertive, with her arms down at her sides rather than acting as a partial barrier or self-comforter.”

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