Property for sale: How you can buy an entire village in Wales for cost of London flat

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Wales currently has an entire village available to buy after it came back on the market. The slate quarry village of Aberllefenni in Gwynedd had been on the cusp of a sale before coronavirus struck. Now, the 16 homes and cottages can be purchased via an estate agent.

The homes were then put on the market with estate agent Dafydd Hardy back in August 2016.

They were on sale for £1.5million.

The low price flabbergasted the property market.

A London flat can be bought for the same price as the 16 homes and cottages.


Despite the surprisingly cost, no buyer was interested.

The owners were forced to slash the price to £1.25million.

“The main problem is the lack of confidence in the market ever since the [Brexit] referendum took place,” Mr Hardy, who has five offices covering Gwynedd, Anglesey, and Conwy, told Wales Online last year.

“Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a lot of interest and even came close to selling them a few times, but because the political goalposts keep getting moved no-one knows what’s going to happen in the future.”

The estate agents have confirmed Aberllefenni is once again for sale.

Dafydd Hardy said the 16 tenanted houses and agricultural land would be an excellent investment.

Some hope a community buy-out of the village is possible rather than new private buyer snapping up the place.

“There’s definitely a buyer out there somewhere,” said Mr Hardy last year.

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